South African Mint

The South African Mint, a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank, produces coins and coin-related products for South African and the international market. Their products include circulation coins, premium numismatic gold and silver collectible coins, and prestige bullion coins. The South African Mint needed to create a brand experience that broke out of tradition and into a space more relevant to the modern consumer, no matter their age. The South African Mint is a curator of knowledge, history and culture – where each coin tells a beautiful story for generations to cherish.

With this in mind, Switch approached the design by taking the distinguishable shape of the iconic King Protea, a flower symbolising strength, and combined it with the letter ‘m’ in the word ‘mint.’ This was then executed in a three-dimensional finish to resemble the raised areas of a gold coin. By doing this, we created a strong, timeless link to South African history, culture and beauty – something that is inherent in everything the brand does, through a quality and trustworthy execution.

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